At CultureTonic, we understand the role corporate culture plays in living out an organization’s vision & purpose.

Who We Are

CultureTonic is a human-centric consulting firm that focuses on helping organizations establish the appropriate culture-fit that sets them up for success. We understand the role corporate culture plays in living out an organization’s vision & purpose, which results in promoting better teamwork & employee morale - creating a better work environment, which in turn drives organizational success.

Our Vision

To help organizations create a well-tailored culture that aligns with their vision & mission in order to drive their business strategy to success.

Our Mission

To place humans at the core of business success.



Creating the next technological company goes beyond building an app. The competition for human attention shows a huge transition in human behavior and culture. The technological transition from companies dictating what products/services to build to consumers being at the center of design thinking has sparked a very integral conversation. People sit at the heart of technology and the goal to build products/services that cater to humanity is very important.

Understanding human differences helps in tailoring the right culture within the right organizations. In addition, technology is reshaping human behavior and cultures and CultureTonic’s understanding of this plays a vital role in setting the tone in this industry.

Financial Services

Building the next financial services company is not just a matter of technology, optimization and avoiding the next recession. While these are important, understanding the underlying premise of the human behaviors that brought us to where we are today in the financial sector are very integral in helping us shape the future of the financial services industry and the behaviors and culture that will take us to the next financial age.

At CultureTonic, we understand the past, current and have a peep into the future state of the financial industry. With this at our disposal, we bring to the table a wealth of knowledge for our clients to tailor their needs in creating, rejuvenating or transforming their cultures for what’s next.

Social Impact

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CultureTonic takes a 6 step (ADDDICi) approach to tending to client needs. This holistic approach has been designed by a team of anthropologists, sociologists, psychologists, strategists, researchers and designers. Employing methods of social science to study human behavior in order to help clients understand where they are in a bid to plan for where they intend to be culturally.

We understand and benefit of a multi-cultural team: our diversity of perspective enables us to see things from multiple lenses to better serve our clients.

  • Assess: Through discussions with leaders, middle management and associates, our consultants are able to find potential gaps in alignment across different layers within the organization.
  • Diagnose: Using CultureTonic’s proprietary tool, we diagnose an organizations culture and collect our findings.
  • Discuss: With the results of these findings, we sit down with stakeholders in order to communicate the outcome of the diagnostic, explain the current state, challenges and impediments to the desired culture.
  • Design: We collaboratively work with stakeholders through an inclusive session of understanding their needs to proceed to design a roadmap to the desired culture
  • Implement: After an agreed future state culture has been agreed upon with the client, we begin to implement.
  • Continuously Improve: We understand that to attain sustainability of culture, there is a need to continuously inspect, adapt and improve.