From Startups to SMEs, Organizations or even Corporations; we offer a range of services that our tailored to meet to our client's specific needs on delivery.


Culture Formation

From brand new companies, to forming new divisions from existent organizations, we work with founders and executives to design the appropriate cultures that will see their businesses achieve the desired results. We take a human science approach to this process.

From design thinking, to human behavior & psychology, we understand that culture sifts from leadership of organizations and with this in mind, we understand these founders down to the foundational psychology they possess individually, understand the company’s vision and mission and create a culture that bridges these two independent parts harmoniously.

Culture Assessment

Change is a very constant element not just on the individual level, but within organizations as well. With this in mind, we understand the value in constant check-ins, introspection, assessments and diagnosis of current state culture of organizations. While it is easy for organizations to focus solely on cultural fits, often times; there’s a blind spot of acknowledging cultural adaptability.

CultureTonic’s culture assessment service aims to help address this and more. With proprietary software developed by a team of anthropologists, researchers & psychologists, this tool helps assess organizational culture in order to know where it currently is and what areas need to be improved. It is an important service for organizations who need to change in a dynamic world and business environment.

Culture Transformation

While organizations need to adapt to survive in the business world, often times, these changes are made on existent cultures that weren’t designed for the new direction the organizations are headed. This often leads to multiple negative outcomes, such as toxic work environments, unsustainable productivity, limited job satisfaction, low employee morale, employee burn out, just to mention a few.

Understanding this gaping hole, CultureTonic developed a 6 step process to aid organizations with Culture Transformations. The ADDDIS/CI process is tested and trusted across industries and yields optimum results.

Culture Management

CultureTonic understands the need to constantly manage culture as it sits at the core/heart of any organization’s success. We don’t just put a culture in place and walk away.

We help organizations manage the cultures we have worked hand in hand with them in setting up in order to ensure that the current culture is still the right fit and in the event of a forecasted need for a change in culture, we alert organizations on this and work with them on either one of the previous services.